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Custom Order Pricing

Charge per item varies for orders where the buyer chooses to purchase and send me the fabric.  This cost includes return shipping via USPS.

  • Bloomers/Diaper Cover  $12
  • Ruffle Capris  $18
  • Ruffle Pants/Pantaloons  $20
  • Peasant Tops  $20
  • Shirred Tops  $22
  • Layered Ruffle Skirt  $24
  • Pillowcase Dresses (unlined)  $24
  • Pillowcase Dresses (lined)  $28
  • Peasant Dress (w/o apron)  $30
  • Bubble Skirt  $30
  • Peasant Dress (w/ apron)  $32
  • Knot Capri-Overalls  $34
  • Knot Dresses with apron  $38
  • Knot Overalls  $38
  • Patchwork Dress  $40
  • Peasant Top & Pants  $40
  • Shirred Top & Pants  $42
  • Pillowcase Dress (unlined) & Pants  $44
  • Pillowcase Dress (lined) & Pants  $48
  • Peasant Dress (w/o apron) & Pants  $50
  • Peasant Dress (w/ apron) & Pants  $52
  • Knot Dresses & Pants  $58

Payment is due before the work is started.  Paypal is the preferred method of payment, but checks and/or money orders will be taken if necessary.  Both will need to clear the bank before work commences.

Turn around time is 2-3 weeks after receiving payment.  Most times it should ship out quicker than this.  If there will be a delay, I will contact the recipient to make sure that is acceptable.  Orders can be expedited for a fee.

All fabrics will be prewashed in a scent free detergent to minimize fabric shrinkage.

Everything is crafted in a smoke-free, pet-friendly studio and will be serged and topstitched to ensure quality and longevity.

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