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About Me

I’m celebrating my new life as a sewist!

Growing up I was fascinated watching my Mom and Grandma turn fabric into beautiful handcrafted items. In my early 20’s I finally got brave enough to try my hand at it. As much as I loved it, for many years I couldn’t sit and sew without it triggering horrible headaches. It made me hesitant to begin projects for fear of the impending pain and not finishing what I started. When my oldest aughter was born it broke my heart to not be able to sew blankets, bedding and clothing for her.

Thankfully, in 2009 my wonderful doctor figured out what was causing the headaches. I have an abnormality called a Chiari malformation (for more on that story, check out my Chiari blog, “Inside Amanda’s Head“). All it took was a little brain surgery to solve the problem — I can sew again (as well as be able to function as a person) and love it.

I jumped back into sewing as soon as my neck was strong enough. I rejoiced at being able to sit and sew without getting sick. It showed me how successful my surgery had been.

This store is my way of celebrating being given a second chance to do the things I love!  Any time I finish a project I’m reminded of how fortunate I am.

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