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My New Sewing Love

May 3, 2011

Over the last few months, I’ve seen numerous mentions about this nifty little sewing/crafting notion called WashAway Wonder Tape.  Fellow sewists raved about how great it is to work with and how much simpler it makes projects.  Especially when adding trim or ribbons to a garment.  I just filed the stuff away under “items you might want to try out at a future date” in that tiny little space at the back of my brain.

When browsing (aka “killing time while husband is at home with both kids and I’m allowed to go to the fabric store by myself”) one of my favorite locally-owned small crafting/fabric stores two weekends ago I saw it on the shelf.  $5.99 for 10 yards??!!  Wow!  It seemed a little steep in price for me.  But I grabbed a package and threw it in my basket to try it out.  It’s just money, right?

Boy was I surprised when I got it home.

Holy, moly!  This stuff rocks!  Enough that I caught myself dancing around the sewing room and calling my husband downstairs to show him this nifty stuff (he doesn’t sew, but is an engineer so he appreciates handy gadgets).

It’s double-sided, not overly sticky, tape that washes away!  You use it to adhere items together — fabric to fabric, zippers to fabric, trim to fabric — it’s perfect for projects that are difficult to pin (or in my case when I hate to pin in general).  I used it when putting ribbon on some padded camera straps last Saturday.  It is super easy to apply, holds the ribbon in place perfectly and doesn’t gum up your sewing needles.

I might have to buy stock in this stuff I like it so much!  It’s definitely going to be an item that is always stocked in my sewing supplies from now on.  Well worth the price in my opinion.

You need to try it out yourself!

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