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Saturday Pattern Sharing 4/16/11

April 16, 2011

Five years ago when pregnant with Big Girl, we never found out what we were having prior to delivery; the same was true with Baby Girl as well.  All of our nursery stuff from before was done in blue, green and yellow and was very gender neutral.  I had kept almost everything from the first baby to use with other children.  With having so much on hand I didn’t want to make a bunch of stuff that wouldn’t be used often.  I figured it would be better for me to wait and I could make stuff for the baby as he/she grew up.

There was only one baby-related sewing project that I completed before Baby Girl made her appearance.   A Heirloom Cut Chenille Baby Blanket, using the tutorial from Aesthetic Nest.

Here’s my version:

All in all, it was a fairly easy blanket to make.  I took longer than the 4 hours Anneliese said it took her to sew all the diagonal seams but I will admit that I don’t sew very quickly sometimes.  Especially when pregnant and needing to get up for frequent breaks.

Two tips though — spend the money on an Olfa Chenille Cutter if you can (it makes the project SO much simpler) and make sure to sew on a diagonal.  Or if you want to sew vertically or horizontally, make sure to turn the flannel so it’s on the bias or you’ll end up with shreds of fabric after washing.  A friend of mine learned this the hard way.

Happy Sewing!

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