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Friday (Sewing) ‘Fess Ups

March 25, 2011

No, not “Mess Ups” or any other carefully selected phrase you’d like to rearrange “fess” into.  Today is all about confessions here at Stitch To Stitch — a cleansing of the sewing room and a peak into some of its/mine strange inner workings.

  • I put pins in my mouth when I’m pinning pieces together.  There are at least 2 different pin cushions in my sewing room and I rarely use them.  Recently I read somewhere (I can’t remember where) that putting pins in your mouth like this is one of the cardinal sins of sewing.  Oops.  I guess I should work on that, huh?
  • I actually hate to pin pieces together.  I avoid it whenever possible so I love, love, love using my serger.  The pressure from the feed dogs is strong enough that I rarely have to pin fabrics together.  I typically only do it when I’m sewing a piece that I’ve put gathers in, onto a flat piece so that the gathers stay in place.
  • Pattern pieces are my nemesis.  I hate cutting them out, I have piecing them together.  I prefer patterns that start as easy geometric shapes I can cut with my rotary cutter and ruler.  Hence my love for quilting.
  • All of my sewing is self taught.  I’ve never taken a class, never sat down with someone who actually sews to have them explain what everything does (tensions, etc.).  Thank heavens for the internet and online videos when I’m having trouble with my machines or need to figure out how to do something specific such as shirring, mitering corners and french seams.
  • When I sew, I love to have music playing.  Not softly in the background as an accompaniment to the whir of the machines but instead as loud as my little iPod can handle to fuel my creativity.  Since most of my sewing is done now when the kids are sleeping (and our house is not equipped with sound proof walls) I’ve had to turn the volume down a bit.
  • And lastly, one of the most embarrassing of my confessions, is that I wrote this post on February 22 and somehow never published it.
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  1. March 26, 2011 2:05 pm

    We are so alike in sewing habits! I always having music blaring when I’m working, and pretty much taught myself to sew also (I had a bit of help getting started from my mom and aunt). And using pins! OMG, I hate pinning things together also, I will avoid it like the plague… but I do need to use pins sometimes. I also have several pin cushions that I never use… but my husband brought home a magnetic “small parts” dish and it is PERFECT for storing pins! Oh, ya and I don’t like using patterns either. If I can’t use the rotary cutter, I usually won’t make it.

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