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March 7, 2011

At just over 2-months old, Baby Girl seems to have this inane knack for waking up as soon as I sit down at my sewing machine (or serger).  It’s as if she hears the click of the power switch as I toggle it on from the other side of the house, through numerous doors and walls, and her eyes snap open in response.

The hard part is that she’s still in the stage where she’d much rather be held than anything else.  Not just held though, but held while the holder is walking around the house, bouncing with each step.  This magical dance that must occur makes it difficult to accomplish much of anything.  (One of these days I should attach a pedometer to my hip to track my movement around and around and around the house.) It seems to be a rare occurrence where she’ll sit in her bouncer chair for 10 minutes, lay on the play mat long enough for me to go to the bathroom alone or even be content to hang out in a sling or wrap, tight to my chest.

I know though, that this time in her infancy is fleeting and before I know it, she’ll be asking for my keys and to push curfew as late as she can.  So I try to sew in short 10-minute burst when possible and enjoy the time she wants to be in my arms.

The biggest downfall is that I’m spending more time on the computer buying fabrics and patterns than I am sitting at my machines creating adorable outfits.  With spring starting to show its smiling face in many parts of the country I need to get cranking out some new items.

Especially when stuff is as cute as this…

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