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Paint Splatters and Cookie Sprinkles

December 19, 2010

Crunch time is severely upon us here in the Stitch To Stitch household.  Christmas is 6 days away and I’m still shopping for those that live under this roof; Baby is due to arrive in a little over 3 weeks (but big sister came almost 2 weeks early!) and we’re just starting to put a nursery together.

I’m on the ball this year, that’s for sure!

The last couple of weeks has been spent frantically Christmas shopping for extended and immediate family, attending holiday parties, decorating for the holidays, carrying out our normal holiday traditions with our four-year old, buying last-minute baby stuff, trying to unearth baby gear from the storage confines of our small house, draft plans to merge 3 functional living spaces into 2, painting in preparation for the merging of spaces and of course sewing, sewing, sewing.

There still feels like so much to do in the next little bit but what gets done gets done and we’ll be fine with what doesn’t.  For those of you who know me in real life, you know that last statement is as much for my benefit as yours.  Yes, I’m working really, really hard on convincing myself of that.  😉

So I apologize for the lack of a Saturday Pattern Sharing yesterday and the seemingly lack of creativity around here.  I’m still here, just crazy busy.  If you need a regular Stitch To Stitch fix make sure to “like” us over on Facebook.


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