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The Good & The Bad of The Internet

October 15, 2010

There’s been a lot of discussion the past few days about a new feature that is available on Etsy.  Up until now, as sellers (and buyers) we were only known as the username we registered with.  Within the last couple of days they’ve implemented the ability for users to add their full first/last name to their profiles. Some people are in full favor of it; others think it’s a bad idea.

This part is the cause for discussion right now:

If you provide your name during site registration or add it to your public profile, it will be displayed on your Etsy profile, favorites and feedback pages, and will be accessible to search engines. Note that your name is your personal name, and is separate from your username or shop name.

Some people are concerned about the accessibility to search engines and how that affects their internet “privacy”.

My thoughts?

As a shop owner, I think that it could be really beneficial if people could search for us by our real names.  Sometimes friends/family forget store names and would rather look them up by the owner.  If I was solely a buyer on Etsy I wouldn’t put my real name on my profile.  The purpose now would solely be to drive more traffic to my store.  There is nothing associated with my Etsy store  or account that could possibly embarrass me or that I wouldn’t want people to see.

As buyers what do you think?  Do you think it’s advantageous to be able to search Etsy shops by the real name of the owner?


On a side note — I suppose though, when your name is googled and 90% the first 6 pages of results really are you anyways, anonymity on the internet seems like a fairly moot point.  😉

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