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Unplugged and Recharged

October 11, 2010

My creativity (at least in terms of Stitch To Stitch stuff) has been waning lately.  If I was a betting person, I’d put my money on the impending arrival of this new baby, tending to the bounty of this summer’s somewhat pitiful garden harvest or preparing for the onslaught of upcoming birthdays and holidays.  There have been some really cute new listings that have gone up lately (check out the adorable new corduroy twirl skirts — but I haven’t worked much on constructing new garment ideas.

While busy with these other activities I’ve been focusing on some of the behind the scenes aspects of the store.  Marketing and advertising primarily.  I’m trying to drive more internet traffic to my store.  The more traffic through, the greater the likelihood of sales.  Or even just having them pass along the site URL to someone else that might be interested.  Last week I had an all time high traffic day, with views well over three times my normal.  My goal is to keep those numbers increasing.

For someone with a background in science and research, this marking/advertising aspect is tough.  It drains me trying to come up with new ideas even when I read all the helpful guides that are available for people like me.  I find that it does encroach on my sewing creativity.  I need to find a good balance between the two as there’s no point in increasing traffic to the Etsy shop if there aren’t new/cute items for buyers to look through.

So last weekend we spent the weekend in the mountains.  In a beautiful, out of the way canyon with no cell phones, no internet, no sewing machine and no TV.   Surrounded by nature, pelted by a few raindrops and immersed in the sights and sounds of a Western mountain fall.

The weekend away helped to reset my creativity; my hope is that this momentum continues on and doesn’t dwindle quickly.

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