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Saturday’s Pattern Sharing 9/25/10

September 25, 2010

(Sorry about not getting a pattern up last week. Sickness overtook the STS household–at least it overtook me and the household barely held on to being functional–and computer time was scarce.)


If you’re like me, you’re starting to draw together ideas for Christmas gifts.  Maybe you’re making big projects for those you love; maybe your budget is tight and you can only make small items; maybe you just want some smaller projects to fill in the gaps or have on hand for people that drop off unexpected cookie plates.  No matter the case I thought it would be fun to start posting some cute ideas for holiday gifts.

I’m a sucker for a good old-fashioned neck/muscle warmer.  The kind that is filled with some sort of small grain and zapped in the microwave to warm up slightly.  To me, a heating pad just doesn’t cut it.  It never seems to contour well to whatever body part I’m babying and I’m always getting wrapped up in a cord.  Plus, it’s nice to not have to worry about turning something off that’s plugged into the wall and typicall sandwiched between me and layers upon layers of combustible materials (pillows, sheets, blankets, mattress, etc.).

A while back I started making these rice neck warmers for friends.  For a small amount of money you could easily whip up one within a short amount of time.

Materials needed (aside from thread and sewing machine):

  • 20×11″ fabric for outer covering (I usually do flannel to help hold the heat)
  • 20×11″ fabric for inner rice bag (solid, ie. cheap, broadcloth works well)
  • 4 cups of rice, wheat or flax seed.

I’d post some pictures of the ones I’ve made, but it seems as though I have NO photos of all the ones I’ve made and given away.  Hmmm.  I guess I need to get better about photographing the projects I finish before wrapping them up in pretty paper.

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