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I :heart: a Good Deal

September 17, 2010

Even more so, I love being able to share them with other people!

I love using Maxi-Lock serger thread in my serger.  I’ve never had trouble with it fraying or breaking and it is really soft and smooth when I sew with it.  The trouble though is the cost can add up — here locally I can spend between $3.95–4.59 per spool for a 3000 yard “cone” of it.  Granted, that quantity lasts a while but when buying 4 cones at a time (if you want all 4 threads to match) it can get spendy.  Especially if you want to stock up and have all sorts of fun colors to work with.  Like I’m trying to do.  🙂

So I was super excited a few months ago when I did a quick internet search for serger thread and stumbled upon Sew True Sewing & Alteration Supplies.  They sell their Maxi-Lock 3000 yard cones for about half the price of what I can find them locally!  Shipping is reasonably priced and quick too so I’m not waiting a month on a new order.

Pssst.  They’re also a great source for machine needles.

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