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Weekend Fun

September 14, 2010

Sometimes I get too busy with housework, appointments and sewing for the store that I forget to take time to sew for fun.  I forget to enjoy myself and work on projects that have no deadline, no price tag and no preemptive motive other than enjoyment.

Friday when we were hanging out in my sewing room, I let Baby Girl dig through my pre-Stitch To Stitch scrap bin.  Which means all of the fabrics that I’ve amassed over the last 10 years working on baby blankets, quilts, curtains and other random projects.  As she dug deeper and deeper I got the idea to let her pick out fabric so we could whip up some doll blankets for her dollies.

We settled on 3 fabrics — 2 flannels from a rag quilt done in 2005 and pink minky.  Here’s what we churned out (with her sitting on my lap “helping” to sew part of the time) in about 30 minutes on Saturday.  They’re not elaborate but I let her guide me so they’re exactly what she wanted.

Pink minky on one side, flannel hearts on the other. Machine quilted using a random geometric pattern.

Purple dots on both sides, fringed edges.

Purple dot flannel on one side, heart flannel on other. Machine quilted in a star pattern.

The dollies napped all afternoon snuggled in their new blankets and everyone was tucked in tightly that night, excited to have such pretty new things to sleep with.

And me?  What a fun way to spend part of a Saturday afternoon.

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