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Side Projects

August 31, 2010

One of the drawbacks to sewing for profit, is that personal projects seem to take a backseat.  At least in my case they do.

Earlier this summer on one of our many trips to the fabric store, my daughter picked out an adorable pink printed knit that she wanted.  It was on sale and she was being very patient that day so I agreed to pick up a yard to make her a dress.  She’s in this phase/stage where she loves to wear knitted dresses — the short sleeved ones with the touch of shirring at the neckline and a ruffle at the hem — so I hoped if I made something for her she’d wear it often.  Plus I figured it wouldn’t be that difficult to whip something up.

Every time she came into my sewing “studio” (sounds so much nicer than “room”, doesn’t it?) her eyes zeroed in on that pink butterfly knit and she reminded me I’d promised to make something for her.  Promises of “soon, honey, soon” escaped my lips and she was pacified until the next time around.

Well, “soon” finally came.  Last week I opened up a pattern I’d been anxious to use and put this together.

Now all we need is for the cooler weather to stick around so she can comfortably wear it!

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