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Saturday’s Pattern Sharing 8/21/10

August 21, 2010

I’m always on the lookout for great sewing blogs (my blog reader has over 50 of them that I follow!); especially great blogs that pass on awesome sewing tutorials.  I stumbled across an absolutely adorable tutorial this morning for a baby sleep sack made using upcycled dress shirts for the material.   With the new baby on the way I quickly bookmarked it for future use and mentally thumbed my way through hubby’s closet, wondering if he’d *really* miss a shirt or two here and there.

It also gave me the idea of creating a weekly blog post where I share some of the great patterns I’ve found.  Some of this stuff is just too great to keep to myself!

Today’s Pattern is by Lindsay at The Cottage Home:

So, go!  Raid hubby’s closet for a long lost shirt he no longer wears, dig through that pile of discarded stuff you’ve been meaning to donate or even hit the thrift store — the possibilities are endless!  Then pull out your scissors or rotary cutter, do a little destruction and let the reconstruction begin.  Start sewing and have fun!  Don’t forget to let me know (and Lindsay at the The Cottage Home) if you make something using this tutorial.  😉

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