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Behind the Machine

May 31, 2010

So who is Amanda?

One of the things you’ll learn reading here, is that I typically take 5 minutes and MANY hand gestures to tell a 30-second story.  To say that I’m long-winded, talkative and opinionated is an understatement.  Here’s the condensed version.  😉

I’m a thirty-something (early thirties, mind you), former Midwestern farm-girl, now living in the Wild, Wild West. While on a study abroad to Nepal in ’99, I met the most incredible person. We celebrated our 10th wedding anniversary earlier this year and were blessed with a beautiful daughter in November 2006.

In my former life, I had a great job that allowed me to work from home. I worked in agriculture (you can take the girl off the farm but you can’t take the farm out of the girl), doing potato research — to put it simply it was the equivalent of a grad student position with a full time salary.  I was laid off last summer due to lack of research funding; although devastating at the time, we found it to be a blessing in disguise.  Shortly after being laid off I was diagnosed with a chiari malformation and had brain surgery on October 2nd, 2009.

Before surgery I struggled to sew.  If I sat down at my machine for any length of time (right before surgery that could equate to 5 minutes) I’d get a massive headache as soon as I stood up.  I loved to sew but getting so sick wasn’t worth the enjoyment it brought.  As soon as my neck was strong enough after surgery I pulled my machine out.  I rejoiced at being able to sit and complete projects without getting sick.  It gave me a new motivation to start projects.  Not only could I see my efforts come to fruition, it showed how successful my surgery had been.

Pretty soon the motivation took on a life of its own.  I bought a new machine as a treat to myself and I began to take to heart all of the times people had told me I should start sewing and selling my stuff.  The idea for Stitch To Stitch started to come together.

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  1. August 22, 2010 11:48 pm

    Wow, what an incredible story. What a blessing that you were able to get that surgery! I’m loving looking at all your creations!

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