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Patterns in Paisley

April 26, 2010

A while back I bought a pattern from a fantastic shop — Whimsy Couture.  Last week I bought some patterns for a new dress design, ruffle pants and a layered/tiered skirt.  Her patterns are fantastic.  Very easy to read and the results are beautiful.

After buying from her before I came across her blog and began following it.  Last week I stumbled upon something incredibly fun! Much to my delight she announced that she needed pattern testers for knot overalls; I waited patiently for the announcement, hoping that I could secure myself a spot to try the pattern out.

And I got one! Even though I didn’t open the email until 2 days after she sent me the pattern, I was beyond thrilled to get the opportunity to try it out. (I didn’t think I’d get a spot since I was so late to respond.)

This is DEFINITELY an item that will go in my shop once she has the full pattern available for sale!

If she can do somersaults in it, it definitely has her approval!  Mine too.  😉

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